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Präsentationen formatieren

Formatting presentations

It's all about the formatting. Uniformly designed slides are the basis for a professional presentation. Read here what you should bear in mind when creating your next presentation.

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PowerPoint presentation kits

Modular presentation kits are a professional tool for creating presentations efficiently. Slide by slide, high-quality presentations are created on the basis of existing materials. All you need is good content and a tool for managing...

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Slide Title

PowerPoint Title slide

A lot of thought always goes into a presentation. However, the PowerPoint title slide is often neglected because it is regarded as a purely formal slide. Yet there is so much potential in the first...

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Storytelling in presentations

As the name suggests, storytelling is the art of telling stories. And it’s a method that can be used to communicate messages and ideas in an emotive, memorable manner. In this blog article, you’ll learn...

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managing sales presentations

Managing sales presentations

In sales, it’s active selling time that counts. Being as efficient as possible when preparing your presentations means more time with the client. We’ll show you how professional presentation management works in sales.

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PowerPoint Templates

The PowerPoint templates you need

PowerPoint templates are a valuable aid for creating presentations. They are pre-designed in your company's corporate design and made available to all employees. Once you have worked with PowerPoint templates, you won't want to do...

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