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It’s the people who make the difference

From an initial idea to a partner for companies worldwide

Founded on personal experience

Sustainably improving Microsoft Office-based communications requires a mix of software, consulting skills, and design know-how. These were precisely the services Achim Sztuka found lacking during his time as Head of Business Strategy at a DAX-listed corporate group, and prior to that as a consultant at a large business-consulting firm. So he founded his own company in 2009. 

Since then, Strategy Compass has been assisting companies worldwide through its holistic approach and has done so very successfully – with a growing number of satisfied customers to prove it.


motivated employees



> 200

years’ combined professional experience

Comprehensive know-how

Strategy Compass’ workforce consists of experienced developers, designers, consultants, and project managers. All areas are involved right from the outset of every project. We create new, tailored content, designs, and structures for each individual company. And that’s what sets us apart from our competitors.

Our mission

For a business world where everyone taps into their potential

We help people with everything they need – the right methods, tools, and mindsets – to ensure they can generate an impact at their companies. Our solutions are ready to use and deliver visible results and lasting success.

“We believe in the ideas and potential of people within companies. We give them everything they need to communicate and contribute them. This way, they can play an even bigger role in bringing about positive change.”

Achim, founder and CEO Strategy Compass

Our service

A team where every individual counts

Strategy Compass is unique because the people who work for us are too. We have a common goal: to get things moving for and with our customers. And we achieve this as a team, with the commitment, input, and expertise of each individual member.

“It’s great to work with such motivated colleagues. Everyone contributes their strengths, and that makes us successful as a team.”

Product manager

Our sustainable impact

Lasting success

Companies change, and that’s a good thing. We’re not about a status quo; we’re about equipping ourselves for the future. Our support in technical matters, processes, content, and graphic design extends well beyond the rollout, ensuring sustainability rather than mere short-term gain.

“We want to achieve a lasting impact and support our customers for the long haul. We’re the integrated ‘back office,’ as it were, for all things Microsoft Office.”

Stefan, Sales team

Our environmental responsibility

Strategy Compass is a climate-positive company. We’re certified by “Klima ohne Grenzen” (Climate without Borders) as a business that offsets more CO2 than it produces. We also participate in additional CO2-reduction projects through the independent Gold Standard organization.

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When you work with us

Our customers consider us as reliable, hands-on partners and problem-solvers. In short, people who are dedicated and empathetic.