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Masters and templates

Basics for your branding in Microsoft Office

Setting a high standard for your corporate communications

PowerPoint masters, templates, and Word templates all play a role in the success of corporate communications. When they’re thought through properly and skillfully laid out, they act as useful work aids for employees, and ensure consistent branding. If they show technical or design weaknesses, however, they do the exact opposite.

A task for specialists

At Strategy Compass, your template-design process is handled by experts, and we often work closely with lead agencies.

  • We’re familiar with business and user requirements, and assist you with know-how and best practice
  • We’re right at home with all things Microsoft, and have in-depth technical knowledge and strong expertise in implementation
  • We’re design specialists who understand your corporate design and can adapt it to PowerPoint, Word, etc.

Our support for lead agencies
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Notebook mit PowerPoint-Master
PowerPoint master icon

PowerPoint masters that keep their promises

A good PowerPoint master is one thing above all else: easy to use, even for those with little prior knowledge. Corporate design standards:
  • Design elements such as logos and color bars are always in the right place
  • Corporate colors and lettering are used automatically
  • All typographical specifications are preset
Design your own slides in line with the CD:
  • A clear layout grid with displayable guides aids with positioning
  • Conventional slides can be created by users themselves without requiring any design skills
  • The PowerPoint Style Guide, a practical guide on using design specifications, is the perfect supplement to the PowerPoint master – as a document in the slide pool or integrated directly into the master.

From sample slides to slide pool

For businesses wanting to make it even easier for their employees to work with PowerPoint, we assist with developing sample slides for typical applications. A slide pool takes this one step further, containing templates for a variety of common layouts that any user can apply as they wish – all perfectly designed for your brand.

Basic slides

  • Cover, section, closing slides, – structured text slides
  • Slides with various types of charts and tables
  • Slides for infographics and for quotes

Slides for specific purposes:

  • Process visualizations, timelines, flow charts and maps
  • Visualizations illustrating the link between elements
  • Slides for project management and strategy slides
PowerPoint slide pool icon

The next logical step: QuickTools

The more you put at your employees’ disposal, the better. With QuickTools, we provide you with ideal platforms to ensure elements, templates, and slides are easy to use and find.

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