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QuickTools for Microsoft Office

Our solutions for Word, Outlook and Excel

Get more out of Microsoft Office

In addition to QuickSlide, our leading PowerPoint add-in for efficient and brand-compliant work in PowerPoint, we offer customized solutions for Word, Outlook and Excel. Strengthen your brand and increase your productivity across the Microsoft Office world.

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QuickDoc for Word

Perfect documents created click by click using the right templates and dynamically inserted elements, such as text components for quotes, tenders, or contracts.

More productivity and brand in Word

Content management:

  • Smart template concepts and a more manageable number of templates
  • Easy, convenient provision and management of templates
  • Templates and components set up for specific occasions and divisions, such as sales kits or quotation systems
  • Linking to DAM systems and media databases


Corporate Design:

  • Documents are easily formatted and created in your corporate design
  • Recipient addresses are inserted automatically
  • Company data is maintained centrally

QuickMail for Outlook

Every email sent out by your company will feature your corporate design. Signatures are integrated automatically and are always up to date.

More productivity and brand in Outlook

QuickMail ensures all emails feature the latest, legally binding details.

  • Company details and disclaimers always up to date
  • User data automatically inserted into signatures
  • Changes made once centrally, and instantly available

With QuickMail, you can easily apply your corporate design to your email communications.

  • Easily define and pre-set font type, size, and color in signatures
  • Your signatures applied consistently to all devices
  • Logos integrated in uniform sizes

Seamless integration

QuickTools integrate seamlessly into the Microsoft Office environment. A separate tab gives users direct access to all the functions that make their work much easier.


Work brand compliant in Excel

Bring your spreadsheets and Excel sheets into the right corporate design. With the right formatting, even documents with lots of data pay tribute to your brand values. We support you with the right templates.


Customized Office programming

We think outside the box, and will be glad to help you optimize processes to suit your needs, such as with smart dialogue guides or automated presentations.

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