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QuickSlide for PowerPoint

The add-in for creating presentations and managing slides

The easy way to achieve perfect presentations

QuickSlide for PowerPoint takes the stress out of creating presentations. Your employees have access to all slides and templates regardless of location and device. Editing slides is much easier and your design preferences are preset.

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QuickSlide can help businesses like yours

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The Asset Library provides direct access to all assets

Templates, presentations, slides, icons, images, logos – all assets are managed centrally. Everyone has access and finds what they are looking for.

  • Central provision of presentations, graphics and icons
  • Location and device-independent access to the asset library
  • Rights management and Shared Folders
  • Update outdated slides in presentations
  • Integration of DAMs and media/image databases
Content Management
Corporate Design Icon

Your brand firmly established

Every presentation becomes a brand message featuring the correct corporate design

  • Correct masters used automatically
  • Corporate design integrated into all functions
  • Deviations from corporate design checked and rectified

Achieving outcomes faster and more easily

Comfortable functions and intuitive use mean better results and more enjoyment from PowerPoint.

  • Agendas and Gantt charts created automatically
  • Easy formatting and conversion from 4:3 to 16:9
  • Data-driven presentations fully automated
Productivity Icon

You save time and money

QuickSlide significantly increases business productivity when it comes to using PowerPoint. See for yourself how much your company could potentially save.

Features, facts, benefits

Content management features

PowerPoint perfectly organized:

  • Management of templates, presentations, images, icons, diagrams
  • Authorization concept with content managers and shared folders
  • Integration of DAMs / MAMs / image databases

Central updating:

  • Single source of truth for your PowerPoint assets
  • Avoidance of duplicates and outdated slides
  • Maintenance by business teams, no IT intervention required

Fast access and ease of use:

  • Location and device-independent access to the Asset Library
  • Find and insert assets directly in PowerPoint
  • Full text search, tagging and categorization of assets
Corporate design features

Predefined corporate design:

  • Automatically use the correct slide master
  • Use an individually created pool of slide templates and graphic elements in your corporate design
  • Limit the color palette to the corporate colors
  • Detect and correct corporate design infringements automatically
  • Detect and correct corporate wording infringements automatically

Easy to implement:

  • Format diagrams with 1 click
  • Format text and bullet points with 1 click
  • Integrate customer and partner logos correctly on slides
  • Handle multiple corporate designs/brands

Automation and checks:

  • Automate the migration of old presentations after changes to corporate design
  • Automatic correction of deviations from your corporate design and corporate wording
Productivity features

Efficient usage:

  • Access the most important PowerPoint functions more simply
  • Create and update outlines and schedules automatically
  • Create and update Gantt charts automatically
  • Format, standardize and arrange objects on slides efficiently
  • Switch automatically between formats such as 4:3 and 16:9

Ideal preparation:

  • Work with pre-prepared graphics and visualizations
  • Find company slides and PowerPoint assets faster

Secure and forward-looking

Security is a top priority at Strategy Compass. Our software meets the highest data protection and security standards and guarantees our customers future-proofing and scalability. Whether you use QuickSlide as an Azure-based cloud solution or prefer the classic installed version with in-house data storage, QuickSlide meets the highest standards.

The QuickSlide cloud solution with Microsoft Azure’s multi-layered security concept

Azure Kubernetes

Hosting in a private Azure Kubernetes Service Cluster with isolation from the public Internet

Azure Key Vault

Data encryption at rest and in transit, Azure Key Vault

Entra Verified ID

Single Sign-on with Entra ID
(Azure Active Directory)

Multi-level authorization concept
Externe Evaluierung
External evaluation of system security

Microsoft Azure is ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified

ISO 27001

Added wow factors for your presentations

Masters and templates

We apply your corporate design to PowerPoint. Learn more

Creating presentations

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