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QuickSlide for PowerPoint

The add-in for creating presentations and managing slides

The easy way to achieve perfect presentations

QuickSlide for PowerPoint takes the stress out of creating presentations. Slides and templates are provided from a single, central location, the editing process is made much easier, and design specifications are pre-set.

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QuickSlide can help businesses like yours

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Your brand firmly established

Every presentation becomes a brand message featuring the correct corporate design

  • Correct masters used automatically
  • Corporate design integrated into all functions
  • Deviations from corporate design checked and rectified

Direct access to whatever you need

Slides and content are managed and provided centrally. Everyone has access and can find what they’re looking for.

  • Presentations, graphic elements, and icons provided centrally
  • User permissions management and user groups
  • Outdated slides in presentations updated
  • DAMs and media/image databases integrated
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Achieving outcomes faster and more easily

Over 100 extra functions and intuitive use mean better results and more enjoyment from PowerPoint.
  • Agendas and Gantt charts created automatically
  • Easy formatting and conversion from 4:3 to 16:9
  • Data-driven presentations fully automated

You save time and money

QuickSlide significantly increases business productivity when it comes to using PowerPoint. See for yourself how much your company could potentially save.

Features, facts, benefits

Predefined corporate design:

  • Automatically use the correct slide master
  • Use an individually created pool of slide templates and graphic elements in your corporate design
  • Limit the color palette to the corporate colors
  • Detect and correct corporate design infringements automatically
  • Detect and correct corporate wording infringements automatically

Easy to implement:

  • Format diagrams with 1 click
  • Format text and bullet points with 1 click
  • Integrate customer and partner logos correctly on slides
  • Handle multiple corporate designs/brands

Automation and checks:

  • Automate the migration of old presentations after changes to corporate design
  • Automatic correction of deviations from your corporate design and corporate wording

PowerPoint best organized

  • Manage presentations, slides, slide masters, images, icons, diagrams and more
  • Manage access rights with user groups and content administrators via Active Directory
  • Integrate DAM/MAM systems and image databases
  • Integrate with your SharePoint
  • Benefit from extremely simple IT integration and full performance without additional databases

Central Update:

  • Manage repeatedly used slides at a single location
  • Centrally manage content without the need for IT Department intervention

Quick access and easy use:

  • Insert assets easily and directly into PowerPoint
  • Use powerful full-text and keyword search, optionally with filters and search operators
  • Tag and categorize your slides
  • Notify users automatically when they are using outdated slides
  • Synchronize content for offline access when travelling
  • Use flexible access possibilities (iPad, integrations)

No problem with large amounts of data

  • Mass upload presentations via Windows Explorer
  • Send links instead of slides
  • Rely on free scalability, even for very large presentation volumes

Efficient usage:

  • Access the most important PowerPoint functions more simply
  • Create and update outlines and schedules automatically
  • Create and update Gantt charts automatically
  • Format, standardize and arrange objects on slides efficiently
  • Switch automatically between formats such as 4:3 and 16:9

Ideal preparation:

  • Work with pre-prepared graphics and visualizations
  • Find company slides and PowerPoint assets faster

Added wow factors for your presentations

Masters and templates

We apply your corporate design to PowerPoint. Learn more

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