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Content Management in Microsoft Office

One platform for presentations, slides, images, and more

The amount of information and content processed and shared within companies is increasing by the day. To ensure seamless collaboration, it’s important that all employees have access to the latest version of presentations, documents, images, texts, and graphic elements, and that all content is provided, managed, and organized centrally.


The challenge

Keeping everyone updated, controlling versions

A product image getting changed and needing be replaced everywhere is a scenario nearly everyone has experienced in some way or other. It affects multiple communication media, and often involves a gremlin or two to boot. Despite every precaution being taken, outdated versions still manage to “survive” on servers, and in documents and presentations, and continue to be used. Trying to find the latest version in each case is both time-consuming and stressful.


The solution

Central access, central updates

Strategy Compass’ QuickTools professionally manage all content company-wide. Every element you, as an employee, need to be an efficient and up-to-date Microsoft Office user is provided centrally. You can integrate them directly into PowerPoint, Word, etc. – whether you’re working in the office, from home, or on the go.

Everything you need to work efficiently, and with the latest versions, is at your fingertips.

Access the current documents at all times

As QuickTools update all content centrally and store it in a single location, you can always access the latest version. An easy-to-use search function with full-text search, keywords, and visual preview also helps you search for content.

The impact


Fast access for everyone

Content is provided exactly where it’s needed. Directly in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel – online and offline.

Content Management

More order and clarity

Know what already exists, and about clear filing structures, visual previews, and effective search functions.

up to date

Always up to date

Central update function. Users can rest assured they’re always accessing the latest versions.

Content management with QuickTools

  • Slides, presentations, and graphic elements provided and updated centrally
  • Direct user access to images, icons, illustrations, videos, labels, and more in PowerPoint
  • Extensive library with easy-to-use search function
  • Integration of DAM systems and image and media databases

About QuickSlide

  • Fast access to templates and documents
  • Direct integration of text components, graphic elements, images, logos, and videos
  • Dynamic insertion of correct business details

About QuickDoc

  • Dynamic insertion of signatures
  • Correct company details, disclaimers, and logos at all times

About QuickMail

  • Management of Excel templates
  • Provision of documents and forms

About QuickCell

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