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Our support service for agencies

PowerPoint design, slide templates, and more

Your partner for corporate design in business communications

As a design and brand agency, you develop uniform branding for your clients. But how do you ensure a corporate design is used consistently across PowerPoint or Microsoft Word? We’re experts in this field. Based on your specifications, we create a user-friendly PowerPoint design, prepare PowerPoint masters and Word templates, and set up slide pools, while our QuickTools automatically embed corporate designs in Microsoft Office.

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We understand agencies

Our team comprises experienced consultants, designers, project managers, and developers, combining design expertise, technical know-how and an “agency mindset.” We don’t just implement a rigid corporate design, but rather keep it flexible for optimal impact while using PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and Excel.


We win users over

We have long-term experience in implementing masters and templates. We’re familiar with the needs of power users, and know how to handle them. Our QuickTools are very helpful here. They ensure not only uniform branding, but also more convenience and time-saving when creating presentations and documents – resulting in greater user acceptance.

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Project-driven partnerships

Project-driven partnerships

We work closely with you – either as a direct contact for your clients, or behind the scenes. The specific tasks and joint project generally determine which setup works best.

Nail your pitch with QuickTools

Show that you’re also focused on your clients’ business communications. Incorporate QuickTools into your pitch. We offer slides you can integrate directly into PowerPoint.

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