Woman presenting in front of the audience

Giving presentations

New business pitches, product developments, job interviews or fiscal updates for C-level managers. Presentations are part of most of our professional lives. While delivering a presentation, we want to come across as knowledgeable and self-confident, and...

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Workshop, Besprechung

Next Level PowerPoint

Would you like to organize your presentations better and reduce the effort? In many companies, there is a growing awareness of the problems associated with presentations and presentation management. Ensure sustainable success with a governance framework...

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Sales employees with tablet

Sales and PowerPoint

If you manage your sales presentations well, you’re on a good way to clinching deals. Improve 3 key areas and optimize your use of PowerPoint

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Presentations and productivity

Companies can save 40% of their time and resources when creating and editing presentations simply by using QuickSlide. And this figure can be further increased, because additional potential for efficiency can be generated by consolidating and...

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Training in the company

Presentation management for training divisions

Seminars, training courses, staff developement courses and company academies are important factors that contribute to the success of companies – at various levels simultaneously. But how can your company handle training materials effectively?

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Presentation on screen

Creating successful presentations – Content

If you want to create professional presentations, it’s not enough to just be good with PowerPoint. Once you’ve decided on your main topic and presentation structure, you need to focus on the content you’ll show your...

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Structur of presentation illustration

Creating successful presentations – Structure

Around 350 new PowerPoint presentations are started per second worldwide – that’s around 30 million presentations every day. Therefore, scores of us spend many hours of our working lives either drafting new slides or looking at...

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