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Value Discovery Workshops

Easily improve processes and workflows

A systematic approach to optimization potential

Employees, managers, and teams are all driven by operational tasks in everyday business. There’s hardly any time to reflect on whether what they’re doing is the best approach or whether there are alternatives. Our Value Discovery workshops are often the first step for companies to analyze processes and workflows, and optimize them if necessary.

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We zero in on what’s essential

In our Value Discovery workshops, we work with you and your team to examine the overarching company targets and how employees can play an even better role in helping to achieve them. We look at daily challenges and how they can be overcome. What would be the ideal scenario, and how can it be attained? It’s about finding solutions that strike an optimum balance between effort and reward.


Working together to reach practical solutions

Value Discovery workshops help teams – including sales or marketing teams, interdepartmental work groups, or management teams – become better and more successful. We initially brainstorm optimization ideas, which we then sort and collectively assess. The crucial factor here is their leverage effect, and whether they’re the quickest and easiest way of achieving clear, practical improvements.
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Utilizing everyone’s knowledge

Our Value Discovery workshops are all about strong employee involvement, thereby ensuring greater acceptance of changes. We work together to investigate problems, develop solutions with the help of everyone’s respective knowledge, and make collective decisions.

This takes approximately half a day and can be done remotely or in person.

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