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Managing training documents centrally

Training materials management

A platform for transferring knowledge

Whether it be product training sessions, seminars or workshops, businesses are placing increasing emphasis on continued professional development for employees and training for customers and partners. Specialist departments, sales, and HR are setting up entire training programs, and face the task of having to manage these professionally. Having the right tool makes it easy to organize an ever-growing number of training documents.


The challenge

Continual maintenance of training content

It’s only natural for the content of continuing education to constantly be changing. Course content, especially in digitalization-related fields, becomes obsolete within two years. A lot of time and effort is thus spent on creating and managing training documents. If certain components or pieces of information change, it can affect a vast number of documents.


The solution

Amend once to update consistently everywhere

Strategy Compass’ QuickTools enable training documents to be managed and updated in one central location. All coaches and teaching staff always have access to the latest version of documents – whether in the office, working from home, or on the go. All elements are clearly structured and, thanks to an easy-to-use search function, swiftly retrievable.

All training personnel can access the most recent versions of documents from their office, home or on the go.

Course material in the corporate design

Presentations, talks, and handouts can be used in their full form or in parts. This modular system comprises training documents that can be perfectly tailored to specific audiences and levels of knowledge, always in alignment with the company’s requirements for content and graphic quality. As such, your corporate design is instantly factored into every element.

The impact

Training documents

Easily creating and adjusting training documents

Preprepared modules and individual elements that can be combined for specific target audiences and levels of knowledge.

Central updates

Fast, central updates

All content is managed centrally and automatically updated across all documents.

Content Management

Improved clarity and structure

All existing training content clearly organized in one place.

Managing training documents with QuickTools

  • Modular training content for maximum flexibility
  • All documents created in the specific corporate design
  • A comprehensive pool of basic slides with easy-to-use search function
  • Integration of DAM systems and image and media databases

About QuickSlide

  • Text components for training content managed centrally
  • Company details, graphic elements, images, and logos always up to date
  • Swift preparation of seminar programs, agendas, and handouts

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