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Our Responsibility to People and the Environment

At Strategy Compass, we aim to create value for our customers and society. This means taking responsibility for all areas that our activities have an impact on, particularly the people who work for, with, and at Strategy Compass, and the environment, which should be as little affected as possible by our work.

Our commitment

Sustainability and responsible business practices are integral to the culture of Strategy Compass. We are committed to complying with relevant social, ethical, and environmental standards in all our activities and business processes. This also applies to affiliated companies, relationships with customers, suppliers, and other business partners.

Our guidelines for upholding human rights

  • We oppose all forms of discrimination, including discrimination based on origin, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability.
  • We promote diversity and integration.
  • We clearly oppose any form of violence and harassment in the workplace. We stand for respectful interaction.
  • We create fair working conditions and a healthy work environment for our employees. We strive to sustainably promote the physical and mental well-being of our employees.
  • We do not tolerate child labor or forced or compulsory labor.
  • We ensure that workers under the age of 18 do not work overtime or night shifts and are protected from working conditions that could harm their health, safety, and development.
  • The compensation of our employees meets at least the legally valid minimum wage of the national economic sector.
  • We respect the freedom of association and the right of our employees to membership in interest groups and unions.
  • We protect the privacy and personal data of our employees and customers.
  • We orient our business actions according to the principles of fairness, honesty, transparency, and integrity. We do not tolerate or support any practices of bribery or corruption.
Schutz der Umwelt

Our guidelines for protecting the environment

  • We minimize our impact on the environment by reducing our energy and water consumption, reducing waste, and using environmentally friendly materials and practices wherever possible.
  • We work positively for the climate. The organization “Climate Without Borders” has certified and confirmed that we compensate for more CO2 than we produce.
  • Through the independent organization Gold Standard, we engage in additional projects for CO2 reduction.

Implementation and Control

  • We regularly train our employees and managers to comply with our guidelines. We create awareness that each individual contributes to achieving our goals.
  • We regularly review and update our guidelines as needed to ensure their continued effectiveness.
  • We establish mechanisms for reporting concerns or violations of our guidelines.
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