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PowerPoint presentation kits

The ideal solution for creating modular presentations

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Elemente einer Präsentation

Competition is increasing, attention spans are decreasing. If you want to assert yourself in the business world, you need a professional and convincing appearance. This also applies to presentations. But it is precisely in this area that it is difficult to enforce company-wide standards. The creation of presentations lies in many hands. Not all employees are PowerPoint professionals, not everyone has internalized your company’s corporate design and creative skills cannot be taken for granted.

A good PowerPoint master is important. However, it alone will not be enough to ensure the consistent quality of presentations in terms of content, structure and visuals. More and more companies are looking for solutions to optimize the presentation creation process and achieve better presentation results at the same time.

Presentation construction kits are one way of providing your employees with targeted support when working with PowerPoint. They take the strain out of creating presentations by providing as much ready-made material and slides as possible. In this blog article, you can find out more about presentation kits, how they can be used, what you need to consider when setting them up and how you can take the idea of a presentation kit a step further.

What is a presentation kit?


A presentation kit contains ready-made content that employees in a company need to create presentations. This content can be ready-made presentations and slides, but also individual elements such as logos, text boxes, icons, images and so on. They are also referred to as slide libraries or asset libraries. The material is up-to-date, content-checked and brand-compliant so that employees can use it immediately. The modular principle makes it possible to use recurring assets and make individual adjustments at the same time. Whether the assets are stored on your own server, in SharePoint or in another cloud solution is of secondary importance. What is important is that the content is centrally available, well organized and reliably maintained. To ensure this, special tools can be used that make content management in PowerPoint easier and usually offer additional benefits. One such tool is QuickSlide.

How does the content get into the presentation kit?

Presentation material is available in every company. However, it does not always meet the quality criteria that you should apply when planning the structure of a presentation kit. Take the opportunity to review and revise the existing material. As a first step, you should collect the relevant presentations from the various departments. In most cases, you will notice that some of the documents are duplicated, that important materials are missing and that the visual impression is very different. Involve stakeholders from different areas of the company in the revision process. And define the content structure of the presentation kit together. Because only material that can be found will be used later. It is therefore important to create a folder structure that meets the needs of the users.

An ideal time to set up a presentation tool is when you change your corporate design. If you change the visual appearance of your company, the existing material has to be adapted anyway and the relaunch of the presentation material works centrally and company-wide via a presentation kit.


As you can see, it takes some effort if you want to rebuild presentation construction kits. However, you can also leave this work to professionals. Strategy Compass, for example, offers all services relating to content creation and structuring.We coordinate with your stakeholders, we revise your material or develop it from scratch based on your corporate design and, optionally, with QuickSlide we also offer you the right platform to manage your assets company-wide.

For whom is it worth?

PowerPoint is an important tool in companies. But everyone knows that PowerPoint takes up a lot of time and nerves. Formatting presentations and slides in particular can tie up resources that are not available elsewhere or for other activities. A presentation kit can make many things easier for employees:

  • Content is available centrally and does not have to be searched for a long time
  • The correction effort is significantly reduced
  • The creation of new slides and presentations is largely eliminated
  • Pre-designed material is brand-compliant, employees do not need to worry about adhering to the design specifications

In addition to reducing the workload for employees, there are also qualitative aspects in favor of using presentation kits. Companies for whom PowerPoint presentations are particularly important in contact with clients can significantly improve their brand impact if they offer pre-designed material. Outdated stands, which are often still in circulation in companies, are a thing of the past and the argumentative structure of presentations can also be controlled using a PowerPoint kits. You can also read our blog article on how storyboards help with presentation creation.

If you are not sure whether the use of presentation kits is worthwhile for you, use our checklist. If you answer at least 5 questions with “yes”, it is.

Does this statement apply to your company? 

  • PowerPoint presentations play an important role in our business
  • The PowerPoint skills of our employees are very heterogeneous
  • At least 40 employees regularly create presentations
  • A uniform brand image is important to us
  • A corporate design relaunch is imminent
  • There are many recurring presentation occasions such as reporting, project updates, quarterly reports
  • We create presentations in our clients’ corporate design
  • Many of our presentations are data-heavy
  • Presentations are often created jointly by several people
  • Many of our presentations need to be are updated frequently, e.g. company data, new products, training information
  • Important processes are controlled via presentations, e.g. sales processes, training processes, decision-making processes

What savings potential does a modular presentation system offer?

You have ticked “yes” at least 5 times on the checklist above and would now like to know more precisely how high the savings potential is if you introduce a presentation kit. Of course, such a value depends on many criteria, including the number of users, the intensity of use and, of course, what additional functions your presentation tool offers.

Our savings calculation for the PowerPoint add-in QuickSlide will give you an initial indication. The heart of QuickSlide is the Asset Library, which can be used to conveniently set up presentation kits. However, QuickSlide also offers many other efficiency tools such as editing and check functions, which have also been taken into account in the calculation. It is worth taking a look at the savings effect. With 1,000 users, we have calculated a savings value of over 1 million euros per year. We would be happy to calculate the value for your company and your number of users. Please get in touch with us.

A typical use case: the sales kit

Presentation kits are particularly advantageous when entire company processes can be mapped using PowerPoint presentations. This is the case in sales or distribution processes. The structure of the presentation kit can be based directly on the sales process. Material and assets are then organized in a very practice-oriented way according to sales stages. Company information, product information, offer modules and much more can be put together on a modular basis. Individual customer presentations are created click by click on the basis of the pre-designed material. This makes it easier to prepare appointments and saves time that your sales team can better use for other activities. With the help of a PowerPoint add-in such as QuickSlide, older presentations can even be automatically updated. If new information is available, users receive a notification and can update the presentation with just one click.

Read more about modular sales Kits.

Taking presentation kits to the next level with a PowerPoint add-in

A presentation kit is the compilation of all assets and materials from which employees then build presentations. However, there are many other requirements relating to the use of PowerPoint in companies that are not covered by a presentation kit.

Using our PowerPoint add-in QuickSlide as an example, we would like to show you some of the other functions that a professional tool can offer you:

Content management:

  • Location and device-independent access to the asset library
  • Rights management and shared folders
  • Updating outdated slides in presentations
  • Integration of DAMs and media/image databases

Brand management:

  • Automatic use of the correct masters
  • Corporate design integrated into all functions
  • Deviations from the corporate design are checked and corrected

Increased productivity:

  • Automatic creation of agendas and Gantt charts
  • Simple formatting and conversion from 4:3 to 16:9
  • Data-driven presentations are fully automated

When selecting a PowerPoint add-in, also pay attention to the services that are provided around the software. These services are crucial if you want to take working with PowerPoint in your company to a new level in the long term.

  • Support in equipping the asset library (development of PowerPoint masters and slide templates, storyboards, etc.)
  • Advice on content structure, content workshop with stakeholders if necessary
  • Support with internal communication, from introduction to ongoing operation
  • User training at the start of the project
  • Continuous training of new employees and special training for different user groups
  • Structured governance process with definition of KPIs and continuous evaluation

In this blog article, we have given you an initial overview of the use of presentation kits and shown you the benefits that arise for companies. If you need support in setting up and organizing presentation kits or are interested in our QuickSlide business tool, please feel free to contact us.