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Zeitfresser in PowerPoint

The 4 biggest time munchers in PowerPoint

PowerPoint is loved and hated at the same time. It's the most common presentation tool in the business world. But working with it can be time-consuming and nerve-wracking. We'll introduce you to the 4 biggest PowerPoint time-wasters and show you how to work around them.

The organization of training materials in PowerPoint

Anyone who manages training materials knows how time-consuming it is to keep all materials up to date. There are intelligent solutions for PowerPoint to centrally manage and maintain presentation, slides and all other content. Read our 5 tips on the subject.
managing sales presentations

Managing sales presentations

In sales, it’s active selling time that counts. Being as efficient as possible when preparing your presentations means more time with the client. We’ll show you how professional presentation management works in sales.
Training in the company

Presentation management for training divisions

Seminars, training courses, staff developement courses and company academies are important factors that contribute to the success of companies – at various levels simultaneously. But how can your company handle training materials effectively?
Sales employees with tablet

Sales and PowerPoint

If you manage your sales presentations well, you’re on a good way to clinching deals. Improve 3 key areas and optimize your use of PowerPoint

Corporate slide management in PowerPoint

Cut through the chaos of presentation slide management in your organization. We highlight the typical problems in a corporate setting, and how to overcome them with the help of collaboration and handy software add-ins.