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Präsentationen formatieren

Formatting presentations

It's all about the formatting. Uniformly designed slides are the basis for a professional presentation. Read here what you should bear in mind when creating your next presentation.
Meeting CorporateDesign

Branding projects – a holistic approach

Despite the large amount of internal and external communications conveyed via PowerPoint presentations, many brand managers do not focus on PowerPoint when establishing or relaunching a brand. It's not enough to install PowerPoint templates on all employees’ computers. Read more:
Responsible for corporate design

Implementing a new corporate design at Strategy Compass

We often help organizations with the rollout of a new corporate design across all business communications, including Office assets. Recently, we had a slightly different client – us! Find out the steps we took with the benefit of experience and add-ins.

Presentations and productivity

Companies can save 40% of their time and resources when creating and editing presentations simply by using QuickSlide. And this figure can be further increased, because additional potential for efficiency can be generated by consolidating and regularly verifying QuickSlide use.