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Branding projects – a holistic approach

Despite the large amount of internal and external communications conveyed via PowerPoint presentations, many brand managers do not focus on PowerPoint when establishing or relaunching a brand. It's not enough to install PowerPoint templates on all employees’ computers. Read more:

Presentations and productivity

Companies can save 40% of their time and resources when creating and editing presentations simply by using QuickSlide. And this figure can be further increased, because additional potential for efficiency can be generated by consolidating and regularly verifying QuickSlide use.
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Free PowerPoint Maps

Featuring maps in your presentations? We’ve created a premium set of freely editable maps for you to use as you wish.


Add-in, plug-in, PowerPoint templates, asset management and brand control... Our glossary brings clarity to Microsoft Office terms.
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Orientation: Presenter view in PowerPoint

The more confident and relaxed you appear when presenting, the more likely your audience will want to listen. In this post, we focus on your security and orientation, as the person standing up front and speaking, and how the presenter view in PowerPoint helps you.