Notebook with PowerPoint Master

How do you create a good presentation master?

A good presentation framework reflects your corporate identity, is user-friendly, and offers relevant layout options. Find out how to optimize your company’s presentations with our PowerPoint master tips.
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Free PowerPoint Maps

Featuring maps in your presentations? We’ve created a premium set of freely editable maps for you to use as you wish.
Type in PowerPoint

How to embed fonts in PowerPoint

Display the typeface you want on your presentation slides. Embed your chosen font families in all your PowerPoint presentations for perfect consistency and improved efficiency.
Presentation on screen

Creating successful presentations – Content

If you want to create professional presentations, it’s not enough to just be good with PowerPoint. Once you’ve decided on your main topic and presentation structure, you need to focus on the content you’ll show your audience on every slide. There are several factors which…
Structur of presentation illustration

Creating successful presentations – Structure

Around 350 new PowerPoint presentations are started per second worldwide – that’s around 30 million presentations every day. Therefore, scores of us spend many hours of our working lives either drafting new slides or looking at a deck created by someone else. A professional presentation…
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The golden thread – Create well-structured presentations

You want to give a good presentation that holds your audience’s attention right to the end? One that creates enthusiasm for your topic? And for you as the speaker? Your presentation concept is the key. Based on your target group, aims and central message, and…

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