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Online presentations

Online presentations – All you need to know

Increased remote working has forced many of us to give PowerPoint presentations via video conference. Find out the key differences between online and offline presentations. Use our tips to win over your audience in the virtual sphere.
Notebook PowerPoint

Orientation: Presenter view in PowerPoint

The more confident and relaxed you appear when presenting, the more likely your audience will want to listen. In this post, we focus on your security and orientation, as the person standing up front and speaking, and how the presenter view in PowerPoint helps you.
Woman presenting in front of the audience

Giving presentations

New business pitches, product developments, job interviews or fiscal updates for C-level managers. Presentations are part of most of our professional lives. While delivering a presentation, we want to come across as knowledgeable and self-confident, and impress, convince of inspire our audience. Learn the five…

Time to talk: Planning discussions systematically

What do you want to achieve with your presentation? Reach a decision, implement a change or excite interest? This goal determines where you want to take your audience by the end of the meeting. The crucial last phase is the audience discussion.
Presentations and Brand - Audience in presentation

Presentations bring brands to life

When it comes to presentations, there’s what you can call a routine effort – and then there’s real, passionate brand management. Use our checklist to help you big up your brand.