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How many Microsoft Office add-ins does a company need?

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... and how can you save on licensing costs?

The Microsoft add-ins landscape can vary greatly between companies. While there are always areas where certain programs are essential for highly specialized usage requirements, there’s still some overlap between applications. And this means potential for saving.

Lots doesn’t always mean more

PowerPoint Add-in

When we talk with companies, we often find they use different tools for the same applications. In many cases, the reason is historical – the company has always done it this way. Specialized add-ins, for chart editing, for example, are then added to a broad-based add-in like QuickSlide for PowerPoint. It’s worth taking a closer look at specialized programs, as they’re generally very cost intensive.

Easily replacing add-ins

Some of the specialized and cost-intensive add-ins were often purchased earlier on, and their added value needs to be regularly reviewed. Because add-ins with a broad range of functions, such as the QuickSlide PowerPoint add-in, are constantly being developed further, they increasingly cover the needs of specialized applications. QuickSlide, for example, has expanded and optimized its functions for creating and editing charts in such a way that it can now easily replace specific chart-editing programs like think-cell®.

Saving on licensing costs

Additional add-ins can either be replaced either completely, or at least for users who don’t need in-depth access to functions. Which is generally most users. Specialized programs are aimed at heavy users from specific divisions. “Normal” Microsoft Office users are not their focus; they can find everything they need in the basic add-in they work with daily. This means duplicate licenses can be spared, which significantly reduces costs.

A practical example: 90% superfluous.

Experience from projects revolving around replacing conventional, costly chart-editing program, think-cell®, has shown us that 10% of all think-cell® licenses have been left unused for long periods of time, and a further 80% of licenses could be converted to QuickSlide without any loss of performance or convenience. Only 10% of users from specialized divisions and user groups can’t do away with using the program. Learn more.

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Our consulting service for replacing add-ins

Think your company could save on licensing costs by replacing certain add-ins? If so, get in touch with us. We’ll help you identify the replaceable licenses and systematically leverage your savings potential. Contact us.

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