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How corporate design changes impact PowerPoint

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Inspiring users and ensuring brand success

The time has come. A new corporate design has been created. Your brand is refreshing itself and taking the next step towards a successful future. It’s time for a new outfit, for elegant haute couture. The project is going well, and management is happy. Until… you guessed it, staff become outraged after suddenly discovering they need to rework all existing presentations in order to transfer them to the new master. We have seen cases where this outrage escalated all the way up to the senior management level, prompting the project to be stopped, the completely outdated master to be officially reinstated, and current discussions to now focus on whether or not to touch the PowerPoint template at all going forward. It goes without saying that this has a huge impact on how the brand is presented, not to mention the harm caused to the marketing department’s image, and the effects on overall acceptance of the new corporate design.

Corporate Design

So, what do you do?

  • Just reading this short introduction will have made you more aware of the impacts caused by operational intervention and the devil in the detail.
  • The issue of PowerPoint and presentations is so important that it should be on your briefing list right from the start, i.e. not just from the second or third step onwards.
  • Get PowerPoint presentation experts together with your agency to ensure optimized redesigning and handling are part of your CD ideas early on. This is a specialized piece of knowledge you can’t realistically expect your lead agency to give you.
  • Find someone who can automate the conversion of old presentation.
  • Make things easy for your PowerPoint users. Success will be reflected in the acceptance and implementation of the new corporate design.

If you need advice or practical help with your company-wide implementation and rollout of a new corporate design, get in touch with us. We support companies with this entire process and can show you smart ways for integrating corporate design changes smoothly and successfully across Microsoft Office.

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