QuickSlide for

  • Uniform Corporate Design
  • Content Management
  • More Productivity
QuickSlide is certified by Microsoft.

QuickSlide is the leading PowerPoint add-on for businesses. It ensures uniform use of corporate design in presentations, enables content to be provided centrally, and makes your users much more productive.


Uniform corporate design

Uniform corporate design

Grow the power of your brand.

With QuickSlide, each presentation strengthens your brand identity. Your corporate design specifications are applied automatically and therefore correctly and uniformly. By all your employees, worldwide.

  • Formatting in corporate design: masters, page grids, typography, company colors and footers are preset automatically and correctly.
  • CD kit: all users have access to the same broad selection of CD-compliant tables, process diagrams, organigrams, maps, icons, images and more.
  • Automatic CI check: automatic verification and correction of masters, layouts, colors, typography, wording. Use of incorrect templates is prevented.
  • Automatic migration: old presentations are automatically converted into the new corporate design.

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Content Management

Clean up PowerPoint chaos.

With QuickSlide you can centrally manage and update presentations, graphics and images, and make them available company-wide.

  • Centralized content provision: templates, presentations, images are centrally managed and available to all employees everywhere, in or out of the office.
  • Easy to find: clear structure, keywording and powerful full-text search.
  • Automatic updating: background synchronization keeps library up-to-date, old presentations are automatically updated.
  • Clear access rights: permissions management with content admins and user groups.
  • Simple implementation: full functionality without additional infrastructure requirements such as database servers.
  • IT security: your data stays with you, QuickSlide integrates into your security concept.

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Presentation management in sales

40% more productivity

40% more productivity

Do less. Achieve more.

QuickSlide makes creating, formatting and checking presentations 40% faster. Giving you more time to concentrate on content.

  • Find content faster: find and insert existing slides more quickly.
  • Create tables of contents, schedules and project timelines automatically: enter data into the assistant and create CD-compliant slides. Update them any time with just one click.
  • Automate recurring presentations: link reports, dashboards or studies to Excel and automatically update content.
  • Use efficient design tools: apply CD easily to text, lists or diagrams; set the alignment, symmetry, spacing and position of objects on the slide quickly and exactly.
  • Check and correct slides automatically: optimize presentations efficiently with regard to corporate design and wording, consistency, spelling, file size.
  • Convert presentations automatically: Convert presentations automatically to another format (e.g. from 4:3 to 16:9) or to another design (e.g. to the new corporate design).

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Individually customized


Tailormade to set new standards.

Our software and design specialists customize QuickSlide to your individual needs, getting the best out of it for your company. This gives you proven standard software that’s perfectly tailored.

  • Your corporate design in all functions
  • A graphics kit specifically developed for you
  • Including precisely those functions that are relevant to your employees
  • The appropriate configuration for your technical infrastructure

But the support doesn’t stop here. We’re there to help you with rollout and implementation, and all subsequent queries.

  • Template concept for corporate groups.
  • Conception and implementation of a modular kit for sales presentations in QuickSlide.
  • Software introduction including project management, communication, IT enabling and staff training.
  • All-round service for CI/communications officers.
Individually customized

IT security

A sophisticated solution for smooth-running operation.

QuickSlide is Microsoft-certified and therefore guarantees the highest standards of security, reliability and sustainability. It can be embedded into existing system environments in an extremely simple and flexible way, and requires no additional infrastructure.

QuickSlide fulfils even the most stringent IT standards of clients in sectors such as banking, insurance, defense, software and chemicals. And ensures personal data is handled in compliance with the GDPR.

Microsoft Partner

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IT security


Initial one-off customization

  • Personalization for your corporate design and IT requirements
  • Graphics package with individually designed slide templates and graphic elements
  • Consulting to maximize your benefit from using QuickSlide
  • Rollout support and webinar for your users
  • Price available upon request

Annual licensing fee

  • 50 users: US$162/user
  • 100 users: US$110/user
  • Updates, maintenance and support package already included
  • Corporate licenses and other license models available


All prices are net prices and may be subject to taxes.


Seeing is believing

We give our customers far more than just a software solution. Book a no-obligation online-demo to see how QuickSlide could work for you:


QuickSlide features

Find an overview of QuickSlide’s standard features. We’ll be happy to integrate further features for you any time.

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