Uniform corporate design

Grow the power of your brand with QuickSlide for PowerPoint.

Einheitliches Corporate Design

QuickSlide anchors your corporate design specifications in PowerPoint for all your employees. Each presentation strengthens your brand identity.

Formatting in corporate design

  • Your current master: automatic provision for all users, also for different formats and brands.
  • Your corporate colors: only your brand’s colors, not the entire PowerPoint color Palette.
  • Your typography: font, font size, font color, line spacing, bullets and indents for every text level, all correctly included.
  • Your look & feel: agenda slides, diagrams, tables and project timelines included in a kit or created automatically with assistants in CD.
  • Uniform alignment: automatic alignment of objects on slide grid.
  • Uniform footnotes, labels and classifications: automatic and correct formatting and positioning.
Formatting in corporate design

A CD kit for all users

  • Software meets graphic design: Together, we compile a presentation kit that’s individually tailored to the needs of your users, applying your corporate design down to the finest detail.
  • Available directly in PowerPoint: graphics, process diagrams, organigrams, project management charts, tables, diagrams, text blocks or icons can be inserted into the current presentation with one click.
  • Your images: QuickSlide conveniently provides all users with your images. If you work with an image database or a DAM/MAM, we incorporate it seamlessly.
A CD kit for all users

Automatic CI check

  • Meticulously prepared: we incorporate every detail of your CI requirements into QuickSlide.
  • Corrected automatically: QuickSlide checks to see if your presentations comply with specifications, and automatically corrects them, e.g. for masters, layouts, slide grids, colors, typography, lines, wording.
  • Avoid mistakes: to prevent mistakes arising in the first place, QuickSlide prevents, for example, the use of incorrect templates.
Automatic CI check

Automatic design migration

  • Integrated process support: a change of design in PowerPoint, possibly combined with the switch to a new slide format, creates a huge amount of work for users. We help you to optimally prepare this process.
  • Intelligent conversion: At go-live, QuickSlide converts old presentations into the new design and slide format with a single click: new master, new layout, new positioning, content rescaling without distortion, automatic corrections as required.
  • Anchoring the new design: a sophisticated design kit and rapid formatting features enable normal users to implement even the most demanding design concepts.
Automatic design migration