With QuickSlide you can centrally manage and update presentations, graphics and images, and make them available company-wide.

Central content provision

  • Presentations, slides, templates, images, icons and more provided for the entire Company.
  • Easy access to all content, directly in PowerPoint.
  • Make changes any time, simply and without IT Support.
  • Effortlessly manage even very large numbers of presentations.
  • Use content offline, e.g. when travelling or without internet access.
  • QuickSlide synchronizes changes automatically, the user doesn’t have to do a thing.
Central content provision

Easy to find

  • Clear structuring and thumbnails.
  • Users see only the content approved for them.
  • Powerful search function for presentations and slides: full-text search in slides, keywords, file names and slide notes; refine with search operators, or limit by author or slide format.
  • Extensive filtering options via centrally manageable categories and keywords.
schnelles Finden

Automatic updating

  • Users always have the current version, in and out of the office.
  • Push updates actively inform users when they are using outdated slides, and offer the current version.
  • Intelligent linking allows slides appearing in several presentations to be maintained in one place.
Automatic updating

Clear access rights

  • Rights concept distinguishes between Content Admins (may change content) and normal users (may use content).
  • User groups to control access to protected content, e.g. for individual Departments.
  • No duplicate rights structure through direct integration of your Active Directory.
Clear access rights

Simple implementation

  • QuickSlide was developed to provide its full functionality without the need for additional infrastructure, such as databases and servers.
  • Content storage in your company, via File Share, SharePoint, Box or Dropbox.
  • Integration of your MAM / DAM system, media portal or image database via Media Connector.
  • Comprehensive SharePoint integration, e.g. use of existing SharePoint slide collections, including existing filters based on SharePoint properties.
Simple implementation

IT security

  • QuickSlide integrates into your existing systems and processes to store, distribute and back up data, and for rights Management.
  • Safe handling of personal data.
  • Unique data storage architecture enables access from any device, integration with other company tools, and leaves you flexible by avoiding lock-in.
IT security

Seeing is believing

Book a no-obligation online-demo to see how QuickSlide could work for you: