QuickSlide makes creating, formatting and checking presentations 40% faster. Giving you more time to concentrate on the Content.

Find content faster

  • Find existing slides and graphics quickly with the help of a powerful search function.
  • Simplify collaboration on presentations.
  • Reduce costs of external agencies and image databases.
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Create tables of contents, schedules and project timelines automatically

  • Produce presentation outlines, workshop schedules or Gantt charts of project schedules with the help of an assistant.
  • Changes to summary and section header slides updated automatically, rapid navigation with linked chapters (agenda).
  • Gantt charts automatically updated after changes to project processes, dates or Milestones.
  • Always presented according to your CD guidelines.
Create tables of contents, schedules and project timelines automatically

Automate recurring presentations

  • Design recurring reports, dashboards or studies perfectly in PowerPoint and link them to data in Excel.
  • Robust linking of all Elements via Data Connector: diagrams, tables, text, shapes.
  • Update the presentation with just one click when data in Excel change.
  • Streamline the creation process, and control access rights via Excel.
Automate recurring presentations

Use efficient design tools

  • Reformat text, lists or diagrams into corporate design with 1 click.
  • Quickly set the alignment and symmetry of objects on the slide.
  • Edit the spacing and position of objects exactly and efficiently.
  • Incorporate different masters and corporate designs (in the case of several group brands or for agencies/management consultants).
Use efficient design tools

Check and correct slides automatically

  • Automatically correct corporate design violations, such as incorrect colors and Fonts.
  • Automatically correct wrong or outdated terms, e.g. product names.
  • Check slide consistency in a presentation.
  • Set spellchecker language correctly to ensure smooth operation.
  • Optimize presentation file size.
Check and correct slides automatically

Convert slides automatically

  • Convert presentations automatically from one template to another, e.g. during corporate design relaunches.
  • Reposition and scale slide content smartly, e.g. from 4:3 to 16:9.
  • Add manual corrections efficiently.
  • Migrate slides to another design and assign the new layouts, colors and fonts automatically.
Convert slides automatically