For many people, the PowerPoint add-in think-cell has become an indispensable tool when creating charts in PowerPoint. think-cell has clear strengths, particularly the convenient editing of charts. But it also has clear weaknesses in that think-cell charts generally do not fit with corporate design. A slide created using think-cell is difficult for PowerPoint users to edit if they have not installed the software. And think-cell also entails considerable licensing costs. So what do you do?


QuickSlide covers think-cell‘s functionality

With its data functions and the Agenda Assistant, the PowerPoint add-on QuickSlide extensively covers the needs of chart power users:

  • Creating and automatically updating Gantt charts for project plans in your corporate design
  • Creating and editing waterfall charts
  • Inserting CAGRs, growth rates, deltas and averages into PowerPoint charts
  • Fully automating presentations by linking all of a slide’s elements to data in Excel
  • Creating and automatically updating an agenda – contents and schedule – in your corporate design
QuickSlide für PowerPoint

But QuickSlide can do much more

QuickSlide supports users throughout the entire process of creating and managing presentations – with a number of tools for productivity and automation, a consistent corporate design, and central PowerPoint content management within the company or team. Always tailored specifically to each customer, often in conjunction with our extensive services for achieving business success with presentations.


Many of our customers have been using QuickSlide and think-cell simultaneously. But further development of our chart functions means QuickSlide now enables them to work with just one single tool – with the advantage of better integration and lower licensing costs.

Download a detailed feature comparison here:

QuickSlide vs. think-cell

Or watch a no-obligation QuickSlide demo via web meeting.