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QuickDoc for Word

Central management of templates, unified corporate design and company particulars in Word documents

Word Blau

So many templates. So many users. So much creative energy. Word is a classic example of the challenges faced by centrally controlled template management. The right form for the right task, compliance with corporate design specifications, current templates always available to all users, and legal security through the correct provision of company particulars.


Following the success of QuickSlide for PowerPoint, Strategy Compass offers an intelligent software add-on for Microsoft Word that meets all these requirements.

Template management and working efficiency with Word

  • One menu with all relevant functions, arranged clearly and attractively
  • One-click template selection
  • All template updates controlled centrally within your existing infrastructure
  • Large numbers of templates, e.g. in corporate groups, intelligently organized
  • Style sheets simplify document formatting in line with corporate design
  • Automatic updating of company particulars in templates and for users: no outdated data anywhere
  • Problem-free opening and editing of documents through intelligent linking of documents to template
  • Sender and recipient details inserted automatically
  • Tables of contents simply created in line with corporate design
  • Faster spellchecking through simplified language settings
  • Simplified saving as Word or PDF file
  • Documents (Word, PDF) sent directly as email attachments
word document

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