Example: Pyramidal Presentation Structure

Henry Scott is the Head of Strategy at sports equipment manufacturer X-Treme Sports. To further accelerate the company’s ambitious growth and become number one on the market, he proposes taking over competitor Fun Sports Enterprises (currently number five on the market). He intends to convince the executive board of this idea at the next strategy workshop. How could he structure his presentation?

Henry Scott knows the executive board is interested in all ideas that support the ambitious growth target. He also knows the executive board is open to acquisitions and is already looking for possible suitable candidates. So Henry decides to mention the core message (“We should take over Fun Sports Enterprises”) at the start of the presentation, and then provide the answers to the logical follow-up questions. He opts for a pyramidal structure with the respective core statements for each subsection:

pyramidaler Aufbau


  • Situation: We have an ambitious growth path.
  • Complication: We won’t reach our targets through organic growth alone.
  • Question: What else could we do?
  • Core statement: We should take over the competitor Fun Sports Enterprises.

Main Body

Argument 1: We will only be able to reach our growth target through a larger acquisition.

  • Fact 1.1: Taking market shares off competitors requires a lot of time and resources.
  • Fact 1.2: Excessively fast organic growth would lead to a price war.

Argument 2: Fun Sports Enterprises is a suitable takeover candidate.

  • Fact 2.1: Fun Sports Enterprises fits with our strategy.
  • Fact 2.2: We expect a low purchase price.
  • Fact 2.3: Both companies can be merged without any major difficulties.


  • Summary of results: We have seen that ...
  • Conclusion: That’s why I am proposing we take over Fun Sports Enterprises.
  • Next steps: We will hire an investment bank to help us.


Funnel example

nächste Schritte

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