Presentation management in sales

Greater efficiency and success with an intelligent modular kit


Roughly every other sales meeting is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation. Regardless of whether it is an internal project meeting or an external meeting to win or inspire customers, or get them to sign on the dotted line – each and every presentation involves a great deal of work. When you consider the targets they are supposed to help meet, then surely the effort is justifiable.

What’s not justifiable, however, is the effort spent on tasks that today can be replaced with clever automation. The PowerPoint add-on QuickSlide offers whole new possibilities for providing and maintaining sales presentations in a modular way.


Give sales more time with the customer using QuickSlide

Whether they are initial meetings, company presentations, product presentations, industry solutions, case studies or annual account review meetings, most occasions involving presentations are regularly recurring ones. This means that the necessary slides can be perfectly pre-prepared and used by sales as required, with comparatively little effort being spent on individual adaptations. The maintenance of these numerous pre-prepared slides very quickly becomes a complex undertaking.  But this is exactly where QuickSlide’s presentation management comes in, with:

  • centrally controlled provision and updating of presentations and individual slides
  • high comfort of use, directly in PowerPoint, even when out of the office
  • a clear structure and keywording, a visual preview and search functions
  • the possibility of being able to maintain slides used in several presentations (e.g. the company presentation) at just one central location
  • an automatic warning when users work with outdated slides
  • intelligent links to accompanying image databases or MAM/DAM systems.
Vertriebspräsentationen immer aktuell

You can read more about how quickly and easily this all works here.