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In addition to preparing the content and practical side of your performance, good organization is another basic requirement for ensuring an excellent presentation. Presentations demand a high degree of concentration in order for all knowledge and convictions to be expressed effectively and for the intensively rehearsed performance to be successful. 

But energy and attention are sapped if organizational aspects are still being clarified at the last minute. The sense of wakeful peace is lost. That’s why a structured course of action and good organization are key factors for success. 

In the lead-up to the presentation, create an organizational framework detailing aspects such as how you’re going to get there, the venue itself, and suitable attire – the same framework that structures the presentation in a broader sense. Before the presentation, think about everything directly associated with it, such as (technical) equipment, your own documents, and handouts. Equipment usage, the distribution of handouts, and anything else that is due to happen during the presentation must be factored in during the rehearsal phase and noted on the stage-direction plan. By the final-rehearsal phase, it will be part of the practical training. 

Getting presentation-ready Organisation Checklist

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