10 years of Strategy Compass 


It’s crazy! We’ve officially been in business 10 years. So much has happened in that time; we’ve achieved a lot. But we also still have a lot in the pipeline. Here are a few personal thoughts from our CEO, Achim Sztuka. 

10 Jahre Strategy Compass

Your voice counts – Speaking tips


Learn how your voice influences your presentation.


Free template check


Highly effective: our free quality check of your PowerPoint master or Word template.

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Sales and PowerPoint – new Insights 


The customer is important. His world, his reasoning, his goals and expectations. 
Sales targets are important. Persuasion, differentiation, agreements, turnover and margins.
The brand is important. Performance, look and feel, marketing strategy and requirements. 
Resources are important. How often do you hear: “You’ve got to get out there more!”? 

And then there’s PowerPoint. In most cases the medium of choice in customer meetings where the Sales department wants to acquire or convince customers, inform them about projects or present a new product. A survey from 2017 confirmed that two out of three external meetings featured a PowerPoint presentation. Understandably, as the visual reinforcement strengthens the speaker’s own message, and helps them compose and structure the presentation. 

This is where the balancing act with targets and resources comes in. Because every presentation is either freshly created, or specially adapted for a particular meeting, target audience or subject area. Most companies provide a prepared company presentation, templates or individual subject slides. The division, department, or the sales executives themselves, take care of the rest. With varying degrees of effort, frustration and up-to-date content. 
Well-thought-out presentation management encourages sales approaches that, together with new solutions, can save a great deal of effort. Allowing more time to be spent “out there” with the customer. 

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Gantt, CAGR and Waterfall with QuickSlide


You may know what it feels like: creating and updating Gantt charts, drawing waterfall charts with negative values, inserting CAGRs, growth rates or averages into diagrams – all of this can be really painful if you’re using nothing but PowerPoint. Up to now, many PowerPoint user therefore buy additional tools such as think-cell to create diagrams.

The good news: From now on there’s no need to use separate tools any more, since QuickSlide is now capable of performing all of this, too. With real PowerPoint diagrams, in your corporate design.

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Strategy Compass Insights launched.

Corporate success with presentations is multifaceted and complex. Our new ‘Insights’ series sheds light on issues such as ‘Sales and PowerPoint’ or ‘Managing training materials’.

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International PowerPoint Study results

The results of the first international survey ‘Business Presentations’ are now available.


From PowerPoint to Word

Now’s the time to transfer our already ongoing projects in Word, Excel and Outlook...


Template Check.

We’re starting the new year with a new offer that will hopefully do a lot of good: our free Template Check.



4 questions for CEO Achim Sztuka

An interview with the Strategy Compass CEO.


Case Study: CI implementation at an insurance group.

Read how a major German insurance group has smartly advanced its corporate design.


NeW: The QuickSlide Data Connector

Reports, dashboards and studies in PowerPoint can now be fully automated.