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Many typical challenges faced when using PowerPoint or Word can already be solved using our Microsoft-certified software QuickSlide and QuickDoc. But in every company there are additional issues that require individual programming. These specific examples illustrate how we, as Office experts, can make companies more efficient and successful.


Automated slide generation for R&D project planning

The R&D project planning for key components in a large industrial company was updated hundreds of times a year. A set of ten fixed, complex slides was revised by hand over and over again – a procedure which was not only error prone, but required a large investment of employees’ time and effort.

We developed a clearly-structured source file in Excel in which all relevant data could be entered and maintained. Clicking a “create slides” button automatically creates a set of slides with the exact required design and containing the current data.


Intelligent interview guidelines

To safeguard standards for discussions with suppliers, a client developed interview guidelines in the form of a Word document. This also contained form fields into which data had to be entered. Filling out the forms worked well, but took far too long to really meet with general acceptance.

We enabled the automatic transfer of the entered data to the page with the overall evaluation, including the summation of values to give individual totals. The form could be filled out much faster, resulting in significantly higher acceptance.


Automatically produced presentation of project results

A management consultancy regularly conducts compact projects that record clients’ status in relation to certain management issues, indicating possible courses of action. These presentations are created by hand, based on a template.

We refined the presentation content and graphics, and produced an Excel file into which the project results could be entered. A “create presentation” button is used to produce a complete, personalized presentation of results for the customer. Apart from attractive graphical representations, the presentation also contains numerous animations that are automatically adjusted based on the submitted data.

Automatische Präsentationen

Simplified project plan in Excel

A sales division was using Excel to plan an extensive project landscape. The maintenance and formatting of the file meant a high workload for several employees.

Our intelligent additional programming provided automated processes, such as the automatic production of a formula-based calendar for a new year, highlighting of the current week, prevention of inadvertent deletion of quality gates, and correct cell coloring.


Where do you see potential for simplifying your processes and reducing your employees’ workloads? We are happy to think through your challenges with you and implement a tailor made solution.


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