The Introduction: The Right Way to start a Presentation

The Gentle Introduction

Gentle introductions pick listeners up at the level of their prior knowledge and slowly lead them to the crux of the presentation. The content on the initial slides should thus always be very simple and indeed even familiar. Listeners must agree with all of the points until the problem and associated question are raised.

The structure is as follows:

  1. Situation: How has it been to date? (The stable, known state)
  2. Complication: Something has happened/could happen.
  3. Question: How can/must we respond?
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The Shock Introduction

Shock introductions start with a statement that surprises or shocks listeners. This immediately attracts their attention and ensures they are receptive. The shock may be a statistic or another piece of information. What’s important is that this statistic/statement is true and relevant to the listeners. If not, it won’t be easy to regain their trust. You need to be fully aware of this before opting for this form of introduction.

The structure is as follows:

  1. Situation: Something has happened/could happen
  2. Complication: Possible consequences
  3. Question: How can/must we respond?

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