Digitalization and Microsoft Office automation

QuickWin for PowerPoint and Word


Digitalization means greater ease, more speed, and more efficiency for users. For IT departments, on the other hand, it’s a huge challenge – with countless existing systems, increasing requirements from the various departments, a new degree of complexity, and the desire for comprehensive integration.


Delighted users, relieved IT

Strategy Compass’ QuickWin approach unlocks new integration prospects for Microsoft Office applications. It combines an unprecedented level of convenience and efficiency for PowerPoint and Word users with maximum ease for IT. The QuickSlide for Powerpoint and QuickDoc for Word add-ins offer content management, brand compliance, and a number of automation options, exclusively using and integrating your existing systems.

  • Content managed in one location: SharePoint, File Share, Box, Dropbox, etc.
  • Integration of existing folders or SharePoint document libraries
  • Central management does not require any database server, and supports distributed storage locations
  • No more duplicated data management thanks to media asset management systems being smartly integrated into Office via single sign-on
  • Rights management without additional user management by integrating existing systems, such Active Directory
  • Large presentations compressed to save storage space
  • Large presentations emailed out with a link to central content instead of attachments
  • Documents classified through automatic request via an assistant

At the front-end, Sales will find they can work a lot faster, while Marketing will find that the brand is reliably implemented company-wide. Users from Finance will no longer need to keep manually updating their reports, and HR will be able to manage and update their training documents centrally. Top management will love the productivity gains, cost savings and better presentations.
And IT will score a quick win and a boost to their image.


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