Connecting media databases to PowerPoint




The QuickSlide Media Connector

Good presentations are also about good imagery – select images, icons, logos, charts or videos which strengthen the brand through their look & feel, and which fittingly complement messages. You probably have an image database or a MAM/DAM system for this, perhaps combined with flat-rate access to one of the well-known stock-photo providers.

But the service often fails to meet expectations, as it usually involves a lot of effort for normal Office users: going to a web portal, requesting and entering login details, searching, downloading, transferring to PowerPoint, searching again, etc.

Always a time-intensive chore. But now there’s a solution.

Automated integration of media into PowerPoint

Seamlessly integrating your media into PowerPoint (and into Word if necessary) is super easy: Users simply have one extra button added to their ribbon, which then gives them access to your media database’s Office-related content. Your categories, keywords, automatic tagging through image recognition, and extensive filter options all become part of the Office application.

  • Search and filter directly in PowerPoint or Word using your categories and keywords
  • Simply insert media by double clicking
  • Always the latest content thanks to live access to the media database via API

Productivity, motivation and brand presence

  • Users use your media naturally, through an integrated program function.
  • Accessing your licensed media is quick and convenient. Much easier than a Google Images search.
  • Processes and workflows are much more efficient.
  • Presentations are quicker and easier to create.
  • The external image effect is in keeping with the brand.
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