The Checklists for Presentations


Organization checklist

Questions about getting to the venue 

  • Have I got all my travel documents? 
  • Have I checked the mode of transport? 

Questions about the venue and presentation room 

  • Have I prepared the room/had it prepared by someone else? 
  • What’s missing? 
  • How much time do I need on site before my event starts? 
  • Can I use the equipment? 
  • How much time have I factored in for unforeseen events? 
  • What are the names of the contact persons, event managers, technicians? 

Questions about the event 

  • Do I have an event calendar? 
  • What is the agenda for the day? 
  • What time is my presentation? What are the presentations before and after it? (if applicable) 
  • Who is my host/MC, and what information have I given them? 

Questions about attire 

  • Have I properly prepared my outfit? 
  • Have I got all my accessories? 
  • Do I feel comfortable in my outfit? 

Questions about documents 

  • Do I have my script, the brief summary, and any necessary cards? 
  • Have I prepared all hard-copy and electronic documents? 

Performance checklist

Body and positioning check 

  • Is my posture relaxed and upright? 
  • Am I properly grounded? 
  • Am I present in my body? 
  • Physical spatial presence: Am I aware of myself and my position in the room? 
  • Contact presence: Am I in contact with my audience? 

Voice check 

  • Is my breathing fluid and deep? (“column of breath”) 
  • How does my voice carry in the room? 
  • Am I present in my voice? 
  • Is my voice’s presence aimed at my listeners? 

Role check 

  • Presentation sequence in terms of breakdown and role changes 
  • Positioning in the role of authority 
  • Greeting in the role of host 
  • Introduction and handling of the subject in the role of expert 
  • Interludes, experience-based examples in the communicative role 
  • Phases of uncertainty and disruption: The role of authority 


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