Automating reports and dashboards in PowerPoint

Reports Dashboards

The QuickSlide Data Connector

Virtually every business division uses PowerPoint to present figures from Excel, whether it be Finance, IT, Sales or Project Management – from investment analyses to monthly reports, from trend calculations and simulations to project results or statistics.

Target audiences need to be able to understand these figures quickly. In practice, this means tediously transferring data manually from Excel to PowerPoint, with the risk of error. Not to mention a lot of effort spent on checking and monitoring. It’s always a time-intensive chore. In fact, it’s a waste of time. But there is a solution.


Updating presentations automatically from Excel

The QuickSlide Data Connector totally automates the connection between Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

  • Link PowerPoint diagrams
  • Link PowerPoint tables
  • Link PowerPoint text boxes and shapes
  • Adopt conditional formatting from Excel, e.g. for smart traffic-light coding or red/green coloring for figures in tables
  • Adopt rotation angles, e.g. for trend arrows

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