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Corporate Design Relaunch

We integrate your new CD into PowerPoint and Word, and ensure a smooth transition.

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Brands change. Whether they are repositioned or consolidated across corporate groups or different media, this always involves highly complex projects with numerous participants – usually supported by a lead agency.

Critical to the success of a brand relaunch is the moment where employees first actually encounter the new corporate design. Will it generate enthusiasm or frustration? Or might it even flop? It’s often the little things that tip the scales – such as forms or templates in Microsoft Office. You’ve still got the old versions, plus the new versions. And converting existing presentations and documents into the new design is a real hassle, if not impossible. Old CD and new CD co-exist for far too long.


This is when it pays to work with us. We are experts in design and usability, in technical implementation, in streamlining processes and structuring communication – and always have our eye on the big picture.You can rely on our comprehensive suite of tools and service packages to bring your day-to-day operations safely though the relaunch process.

  • Template concept for PowerPoint and Word: Harmonization of PowerPoint masters and Word templates, often across different brands and countries. Ensuring compatibility between templates. Planning the trouble-free conversion of old presentations and documents. Graphical and technical realization of the templates.
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  • Use of software tools: Fixed integration of the new corporate design specifications into PowerPoint and Word with the help of our Microsoft-certified software, allowing staff to automatically apply the correct specifications without having to know them in detail. Planning of testing and rollout with marketing and IT. Project and communications support and training.
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  • Automated migration of old presentations: Software-supported conversion of old presentations into the new design. Software customization, preparation of rollout for all employees.
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  • Incorporation of new digital assets: Convenient provision of images, icons and graphics in PowerPoint and Word. Linking to digital/marketing asset management systems.
  • Learning tools for the new corporate design: Conception of materials to introduce the new corporate design to users. Integration into our software solutions for better control of CD use.
  • Presentation kits for individual specialist departments, e.g. sales and marketing: Conception of easy-to-use and flexible subject-specific kits for improved provision and maintenance, e.g. of sales presentations. Support in rethinking presentations so that they work well as modular kits, with the new corporate design properly integrated.
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  • Company presentation: Creating a new company presentation. Concept, story, text, graphic design. Distribution. Instructions for users.
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