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Automate reports and dashboards in PowerPoint

Reports Dashboards

PowerPoint is a frequently used tool for preparing and presenting data in clear graphical form, and for facilitating management or project decisions. A challenge, not only in terms of presentation, but also in terms of data preparation, data transfer to PowerPoint, the endless rounds changes, corrections and checking. And for the working hours this involves.

Whether it’s monthly turnover, sales performance, project status reports, financial figures or quarterly reports. Or dashboards, analyses, technology monitoring, benchmarks and survey results.


Automatically create and update presentations

Automate. Once and for all. With QuickSlide’s Data Connector function:

  • Create the PowerPoint presentation link all the objects to Excel.
  • Then update the presentation any time with one click.
  • Efficient data maintenance in Excel, with all the possibilities of linking to databases, authorization workflows and automatic calculations.

The QuickSlide Data Connector combines efficient data maintenance with flawless formatting, and avoids transfer errors. It also employs intelligent linking technology that elegantly bypasses the problems caused by normal PowerPoint linkages.

We’re happy to demonstrate this to you in person.